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That Red Dirt Sound

The greatest music I’ve ever heard never made it to the radio.
There is nothing I enjoy more than to stumble into some local watering hole only to hear the greatest acoustical set I’ve ever heard.  I can’t tell you how many times we were only passing through and end up staying all night listening to a great singer or an original song writer.  It’s like finding a buried treasure.
One afternoon in Galveston, we dicovered this old man  playing the blues off of the Strand.   This old cat welled the blues.  And he lived every verse of his chorus.
Or the kid who plays in the waiting area at the Gruene River Inn.  He plays up and down the neck with a vocal range just as wide.
I can remember seeing Robert Earl Keen, in the mid 80’s, playing the waiting area of restaurant.  (We were both skinnier then.)
This page is dedicated to you and all those who came before you.  This is for Willie, Jerry Jeff, Charlie and Bruce, Max Stalling, Robert Earl.
And this is for all of you that have a little “Red Dirt” in your soul.
See ya after last call,

If you have a favorite band  off of the beaten path, let us know.  We'd love to hear them too

Davin James
About 30 years ago, as a freshman at Sam Houston State University, I remember a guy in the aprtment bulding next to mine, sitting on the porch picking and singing.
Finally I got the nerve to bring out my $50 Japanease guitar.  Ol' davin taught G,C,D,E chords, and I've been wearing those four chords out ever since.

If you  get a chance to see Ol' Davin, he puts on a Hell of a show.  Tell him Charlie sent you. 

Jerrett Zoch and the OSR Band

My buddy calls me and tells me to come listen to this band, "They're freak'n AWESOME!" Now I usually don't get overly excited about a cover band, but this ain't no cover band.
Jerrett Zoch and the OSR Band from Centerville, are way more than a cover. Jerret's vocals are somewhere between The Black Crow's Chris Robinson and Hank Williams.

Jarrett covered Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" like I've never heard. It's hard enough for a female to pull it off, but for a guy to pull it off, that's something else.

I guess every young band has to start off playing covers, but Jerrett and OSR have a great set of originals too. Check out their CD, “Kings and Queens.”  Their song, “I’m Done” is currently receiving  great reviews on the Texas Country Charts. These guys truly fill the "Red Dirt" criteria.

If you ever want to meet a cool group of guys before they become “SOMBODY,” go see Jerrett and the OSR band.